Edun Quadri: Golden Eaglets star, A Promising and versatile Player

October, 5 2021.

Edun Quadri, is a Nigerian player, born on the 27th day of April, 2003.

His versatility has earned him right centre back and defensive positions, on the field of play.

Edun Quadri's has the strongest right foot and has proven to be a wall at the defense line, against the opponents. An effective ball passer from the defense line, through to the attacking line of his team.

Also, Quadri had a former Junior National Team Call Up, for the U17 Junior World Cup, Brazil 2019.

Edun Quadri's Current Team is G12 Football Club, Lagos State, Nigeria. Hopefully he can be invited to the flying Eagles of Nigeria if continuity of good players is put into consideration by coach of U20, having passed through the rank of U17, under the watchful eyes of Coach Fatal Amao.

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