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Court Restrains Bash Ali, Bars Him From Defaming Sports Minister

October, 27 2021.

The Honourable Justice O.C. Agbaza of the High Court of the Federal  Capital Territory (FCT) Wednesday issued a restraining order, barring Bash Ali from further making or publishing any denigrating or defamatory material against the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare.

It will be recalled that sometime in April, 2021, Bash Ali had in a letter, which he made available to the public, made several allegations against the Honourable Minister. The Honourable Minister denied those allegations and to assert his innocence, the Honourable Minister filed Suit No. FCT/HC/CV/1269/2021 seeking injunctive reliefs and pecuniary damages from Bash Ali on account of the defamatory publication. Despite the pendency of this suit, Bash Ali recently published a video on social media in which he repeated those false allegations against the Honourable Minister and also issued several threats against the Honourable Minister and the Ministry.

In response, the Honourable Minister through his counsel, Festus Keyamo Chambers, filed an Interlocutory application with Motion No. M/7145/2021 seeking an order restraining Bash Ali from further denigrating the Honourable Minister until the pending suit is resolved one way or the other. The Honourable Court presided over by Honourable Justice  O.C. Agbaza granted the reliefs sought by the Honourable Minister in the morning of 27th October, 2021.

While confirming this position, counsel to the Honourable Minister, Festus Ukpe, Esq of Festus Keyamo Chambers further stated that by virtue of this order, any further denigrating or defamatory publication by Bash Ali against the Honourable Minister is contemptuous of the majesty of the court and is punishable as a crime under our laws. The matter is now adjourned till 15th November, 2021 for further hearing.

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