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CASH OUT! Victor Osimhen Activates 114 Million Naira Clause on His Napoli Contract

May, 17 2022.

Napoli's hit man will smile home with €260,000, equivalent to about 144,000,000 naira after helping Napoli qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League tourney.

The Champions League bonus clause was inserted in Osimhen's contract, which would see him get financial reward for a top 4 finish.

Osimhen was on target in Napoli's 3-0 demolition of Genoa and the team is now guaranteed a third place finish, behind the Milan' and Inter, who are both fighting for the title.

The Super Eagles striker has so far scored 13 league goals in 25 games but however, the Partoneipei fell short of competing for the Scudetto till the very end.

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