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August 31 2021

Excerpts of his interview with CKDMedia at the Ngerian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan:

“ I’m delighted that we have just won a Gold medal in the Paralifting and not only that but I’m happy to know that a lady set up a world record of lifting about 152kg and her second opponent had about 10kg behind. That record as far as I know, as far as the officials have been saying is a world record. So, Nigeria has set up a world record and indeed this world record is set for Nigerians, so I’m glad”.

What does this project for Nigeria and how do you feel about it?

“It means that we are really into sport, we are really into Paralympic and that we are really into winning Gold at any event of this nature. Nigeria is not a country to be taken loosely but we can compete in all International tournaments, competitions of this nature and that we’re going to win Gold, not just there to participate and come back, No. In a way we normally come rehearsed, we normally come to win Gold and I’m happy that we have been winning Gold and that may not be the end of it, many more Golds are likely to come. They just concluded Olympic, we won only two, 1 Silver and 1 Gold but we came to win many but unfortunately we won only 2. To the delight, the name Nigeria was registered on the Gold medal table and the National anthem of the country was also sang and the ones who won Gold medals were secured. So these itself is a great huge success which I myself as an ambassador of Nigeria, I’m delighted for this to happen while I’m serving”.

What’s your message to the Paralympians who have made Nigeria proud?

“Like I said, I visited the Paralympians when they were at their camping hotel and I was delighted to meet them in high spirit. That time my message to them was that to go for Gold, to go for Medals and I can see how they responded. I was charging them not to go below what we used to get, 4 medals. I the previous event we used to get 4/5, so I said we expected expect atleast 4 from them and they promised that they are going to secure more than 4 and with the progress so far achieved, I have no doubt in my mind that they will be able to achieve more than 4 Golds. So let me congratulate them atleast those who won the medals and let me send a message to those who are yet to compete or who are yet to finalize their competition to make sure that they win Golds, they win medals so that we can increase from the tally and the name Nigeria will be there many more times”.

Any plan for the Ambassador to host the team immediately after the tournament?

“ We hosted the just concluded Olympics and then the Honourable Minister was here and if it is necessary and we deem it fit, we have also the intention to honour them. We have been honouring participants in the Olympics and so what reason do we have not to honour the Paralympians”.

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