February, 11 2022.

By Coach Kakwi.

It has been over 7 years since he became the two-term president of the Nigeria Football Federation, the first Nigerian to do so successfully despite the turbulence that has characterised most of the period he has spent on that seat... Definitely on course for a 3rd term.

Miraculously, it is with the lack of funding from the federal government as his background that Amaju has emerged to occupy a seat on the Executive Committee of FIFA, which gives him an automatic place in CAF and a place in the history of successful football administrators from Nigeria.

It is hard to comprehend, therefore, the rise and protruding facets of Amaju Pinnick in the international football administration- simply described as iconic.

To his eternal credit, Amaju’s tactical political manouverings truncated Hayatou’s self-perpetuation-in-office agenda.

Amaju became CAF Vice-President as a reward of his effort, only for him to lose out in the subsequent power-play that unfolded under Ahmad Ahmad, the surrogate leader from Madagascar, who was too ‘small’ for the big office he occupied, weighed down by his lack of experience and pedigree in African football. He was merely a pawn used to checkmate Issa.

In the past years, Amaju suffered humiliation at the hands of the man he helped to install. He was unceremoniously removed as Vice-President.

Despite all these, Amaju comes across, not as the cause, but as the victim of the various ‘ailments’ that have plagued Nigerian football, particularly the politics involved in several aspects of the football environment from which no president is immune or has ever escaped.

Amaju simply used what he found on the ground to build a formidable political machine of stakeholders.

Positively, It has been an amazing journey from 2005 to the present times he established a new platform, did whatever he did, and came out always unscaved smelling like a rose flower, praised by all, even by his worst enemies.

Back to the big question about, how Amaju in FIFA can impact Nigerian football?

Without a doubt, Amaju will benefit from the position personally, building a profile in international football administration politics that will be useful to him. Setting a vibrant legacy he can leave behind. In the bigger picture, his image would project Nigerian football for higher heights of achievements.

Amaju has less than 10 months to go as NFF President but with his outstanding influence he should be given a chance to vie for a 3rd term.

Technically, with his political skills and dexterity to manage Nigerian football administration, he stands to be more transparent, more humble, more embracing of critical minds.

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