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Amaefula Michael Chukwudi: The Brain Behind Kun Khalifat FC

April, 9 2023.

The young CEO of Kun Khalifat Football Academy, Amaefula Michael Chukwudi has been quietly making waves in his club. The young football administrator’s passion for the round leather game, has helped so many young football players discover their talents and achieve their dreams to play professionally.

Who is Amaefula Chukwudi? Amaefula Michael Chukwudi was a talented Midfielder that played for the Feeder team of Heartland FC Owerri, during his playing days. His greatest strength was long distribution of the ball, with good marking ability.

His passion and zeal for football, birthed Kun Khalifat FC. The Imo State born football administrator is a businessman and also a family man.

Amaefula Chukwudi a man of prospect, is on the right path in promoting football development in Nigeria.

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