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Alhaji Aminu Balele: A Sacrificial Love For Nigeria Football

April, 3 2022.

Dan Arewa as he is fondly called by his fans, has been a strong pillar in Nigeria football. The FA chairman of Katsina United has effortlessly supported the growth of Nigeria football with cash, his connections and definitely with kind. He bought 5,000 tickets for the match against Black Stars in Abuja, because of his love for Nigeria football.

Having been in the system for over 2 decades and as a former technical committee member of NFF, Alhaji Balele has studied the system and understands the way it works and how Nigeria football can be great again.

Katsina United’s FA Chairman’s support and contribution to Nigeria can never be undermined, and with a solid pillar like Balele, one can be sure that the success to be achieved in Nigeria football is unlimited.

Record proved that when he was Katsina United chairman within the space of 5 years, he restructured Katsina United to a team to reckon with. Katsina United got promoted to NPFL under his watch as Chairman of Katsina United. Also, Katsina United feeders played in the quarter finals AITEO for the first time. Katsina United LMC U15 won LMC tournament two times back to back.

The astute administrator no doubt has led a formidable track for others to follow in the football fraternity.

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