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Akpan Bassey's Victory is a Win for Nigeria Football - Barrister Amobi Ezeaku

June, 24 2023.

One time team Manager of Rangers International, Barrister Amobi Ezeaku lauded the NFF for making the right decision on Apam Bassey's case.

The Sports Lawyer stated that, Akpan Bassey's Victory is not just for Akpan Bassey, but a victory for Nigeria Football and also for the sanctity of contract.

“We must thank the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), specially for deeming it fit to look into this matter and doing justice to it.

“It’s also a call for action by the IMC, to insist that clubs with existing players contract, must ensure that these players also have a copy of the contract. In this way, we will be heading towards credibility and integrity, because contracts and contractual stability is the life wire of every healthy football system", the Sports Lawyer told

Barrister Amobi Ezeaku concluded by saying, "this victory is a win for all, and we expect Kano Pillars to abide by the decision of NFF Players Status and Arbitration Committee".

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