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AfricanGames2023:Ghana's Sports Minister Affirms Hospitality, Comfort & Security For All Contingents

March, 6 2024.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development in Ghana, Mustapha Ussif, has reaffirmed Ghana's dedication to ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for all African nations participating in the 2023 African Games taking place in Accra, Ghana. With just a few days remaining until the opening ceremony of this prestigious event, Minister Ussif has assured all stakeholders of Ghana's readiness to deliver a memorable and successful tournament.

Minister Ussif emphasized the importance of hospitality and safety for all participants, stating, "Ghana is committed to making the African Games 2023 a memorable experience for all participating nations. We have taken extensive measures to ensure the comfort, security, and well-being of athletes, officials, and visitors from across the continent."

Preparations for the event have been meticulous, with experts on the ground working tirelessly to address every aspect of the Games. Minister Ussif highlighted the top-notch facilities and hospitality services that have been put in place to accommodate the diverse needs of all delegations.

He further assured that security measures have been beefed up to guarantee the safety of all participants throughout the duration of the Games.

"The atmosphere leading up to the African Games has been nothing short of exceptional," remarked Minister Ussif. "We are witnessing remarkable collaboration and enthusiasm from all stakeholders involved. Ghana is fully prepared to host a world-class event that will showcase the spirit of unity, athleticism, and camaraderie that defines the African Games."

One of the most anticipated highlights of the African Games will be the opening ceremony, where Ghana will proudly showcase its rich cultural heritage to the world. Minister Ussif expressed confidence that the ceremony would be a fitting celebration of African diversity and unity, setting the stage for an unforgettable tournament.

As anticipation builds, with some sports already underway, Ghana remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering a successful and memorable event that will leave a lasting legacy for the continent. With the support of all participating nations and stakeholders, the African Games in Ghana promises to be a momentous occasion that celebrates the best of African sport and culture.

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