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Afolabi Omoniwa Celebrates Retirement & 60th Birthday of DFA, Min. of Defence, Alli Ademola Wasiu

January, 22 2024.

The Director Internal Audit at the Federal Ministry of Sports Development, Mr Afolabi Omoniwa has felicitated to Mr. Alli Ademola Wasiu, FCA,Director of Finance, Federal Ministry of Defence on the occasion of his 60th birthday and well-deserved retirement.

He said Mr. Wasiu has been a stalwart leader, mentor, and change agent, leaving an indelible mark on the organization and its members.

"Mr. Alli Ademola Wasiu has been a beacon of inspiration throughout his illustrious career, displaying exceptional leadership skills that have guided the team to greatness. His ability to foster unity, communicate a clear vision, and lead by example has set a standard for excellence within the organization."

Mr Omoniwa said, beyond his professional role, Mr. Wasiu has cultivated a caring and supportive environment for his colleagues, emphasizing personal growth and well-being. "As a mentor, guide, and teacher, he has imparted invaluable wisdom, shaping the careers of numerous individuals, including myself and Mrs. Okwudu Ngozi, who have become Directors in the Federal Civil Service," Omoniwa said.

Mr. Alli Ademola Wasiu's compassion and empathy have been evident throughout his career, making him approachable and understanding. He has consistently demonstrated how to lead with professionalism and kindness, emphasizing that success should be achieved without compromising the well-being of others.

"To Mr. Alli Ademola Wasiu, we wish for nothing but happiness, health, and fulfillment in his retirement years. May they be more glorious than the legacy he leaves behind."

Congratulations on your meritorious retirement from active service, sir!


Mr. Afolabi Idowu Omoniwa,

Director, Internal Audit.

Federal Ministry of Sports Development.

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