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January, 7 2024.

Nigeria's immediate Past Minister of Youth and Sports Development Chief Sunday Dare believes that the Super Eagles of Nigeria stand a good chance of excelling at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2023) that will take place in Ivory Coast this January.

Despite a less than stellar performance during the qualifiers, Chief Dare said he believes that the Super Eagles possess the capability to soar to new heights and make a significant impact in the tournament.

"While their performance during the qualifiers may have had its challenges, the Super Eagles still possess the latent ability to elevate their game and assert Nigeria's football dominance on the African stage," stated Chief Sunday Dare.

Reflecting on the team's remarkable display in the initial games during the AFCON in Cameroon 2022, Chief Dare emphasized the importance of replicating that cohesive team spirit and hunger for victory.

"In the AFCON in Cameroon in 2022 we saw what our players did in the first three games. That's the high point and they need to achieve that same team spirit, cohesiveness and thirst for victory."

However, the former Sports Minister cautioned that strategic decisions in the lineup, substitutions, and timely adjustments would heavily influence the team's path to victory.

"Football is a tactical game and being able to read the game and make adjustments are ingredients of victory. It's either you get it right or you get burnt.

The game of Football is a cruel one and victory comes only to the tactical, astute and professional."

The ex Minister concluded by rallying Nigerians to throw their support behind the Super Eagles.

"The Super Eagles represent our national pride, and our support should be unwavering. Let us stand by our team and cheer them to victory."

Nigeria is housed in Group A, and will face hosts Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau.

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