Abdullahi Biffo Sponsors Coaches to NIS

October, 31 2022.

Coach Abdullahi Biffo has sponsored three coaches to the National Institute of Sports.

The former Kwara United Manager made the sponsorship arrangements at NIS, for three football coaches.

The three coaches, who are from Kwara State, includes Salaudeen Adeyinka, Jimoh Abdulkadri and Olododo Muhammed.

Biffo said, “this training is important to the growth of the game and I dont joke with improving my knowledge as a coach that is the reason I decided to sponsor these three coaches which I have done before for some certified coaches.

Therefore, I decided to sponsor three coaches to the NIS,”

The kwara born tactical who is holding a dual citizenship believes sponsoring of coaches will improve the development of the game in Kwara state which is where I hailed from, I need to contribute my own quota to the growth of the game that gave me fame and fortune", the soft spoken coach concluded.

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