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3SC Recall Some Sacked Players After Media Heat: Kola Daniel, Charles Tembe, Wasiu Alalade Recalled

March, 12 2022.

Shooting Stars Football Club has recalled some of the sacked players after quarters in the media demanded justice for the players.

According to one of the players, they were sacked with a text message, that is so annoying and unprofessional.

The source also made mention that some of the players have been recalled back to the team, the likes of Charles Tambe, Wasiu Alalade, Kola Daniel, and Olasunkanmi Quadry.

These four players are dressed ahead of week 18 encounter against Kano Pillars.

According to the angry player, “Some of us were not given the opportunity to play matches, so how did you access us, to know whether we are productive or not”, he said angrily.

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