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2024 Olympics: This is the right time to start preparations, Says Igali

September, 6 2021.

Olympic gold medallist and Commissioner for youth and sports development of Bayelsa state, Honourable Daniel Igali says he only wish the private sector will be more motivated and involved in our Olympic preparations and multi sport games and the preparation of our athletes for the France 2024 Olympics.

"We cannot talk about optimum preparations if we don't start now".

The former grappler believes everyone in Nigeria is anxious to see the nation's athletes do well at every Olympics.

"Nigerians are the most optimistic people on earth and we live on sports just like other countries so it is understandable if people want our athletes to perform well".

The former member of the Bayelsa state house of assembly opined that urgent measures needs to be taken to stop late preparations towards international tournaments.

"Why can’t we individually and collectively donate to support these athletes all through the 4 years, this will eliminate the late preparations which has become a norm to us".

Igali told that If the nation want to reap medals that befit the status of Nigeria, then the country must ensure that all Olympic sports federations in Nigeria are given the needed funds quarterly to prepare their teams.

"We must also ensure that we have the needed manpower to support the federations in administration and on the technical level".

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