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May, 20 2024.

The 3-Day Council Meeting taking place at the behest of the Ministry of Sports Development under the guidance and leadership of Senator John Owan Enoh with the Enugu State Government as the host state is expected to ratify progressive and enduring policies that will revolutionize sports administration and development in Nigeria.

In her welcome address, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Sports Development, Mrs. Tinuke Watti noted that the first National Council on Sports, coming after the de-merger of the Ministry of Youths and Sports reflects the importance of Sports in the Renewed Hope Agenda of the present administration.

According to the Permanent Secretary, the theme of the Council meeting, "Sports for National Unity and Socio-Economic Growth", is of critical relevance as the country navigate the challenges and opportunities of our current evolution.

Identifying national unity as the critical goal of any nation, she underscored the important role sports can play in achieving it.

She said," Sports have been a cornerstone of our nation's cultural fabric. They transcend the barriers of language, ethnicity, religion, uniting us under the common banner of competition, achievement and collective pride."

Apart from fulfilling its core functions,she said that sports constitute a major industry with the capacity to generate employment, drive economic development and improve public health. The Permanent Secretary canvassed for the adoption of a holistic and inclusive approach to sports development to foster partnerships between the government, private sector and international bodies.

She expressed her implicit confidence in the ability of experts and consultants who will lead technical sessions during the meeting to come up with policies that would serve as a guide for improved decisions in the sports sector.

In his welcome address, the Governor of Enugu State Dr. Peter MBAH represented by the Deputy Governor, said that the state was honoured to host the Council meeting on Sports composed of sports administrators, Policymakers, technocrats and stakeholders who share a common vision of advancing sports in Nigeria.

" As we gather for the technical session of this esteemed council,we are not only participants in a meeting but also pioneers charting a new course for the future of sports in Nigeria."

He advised the meeting to engage in open, constructive and forward thinking discussions and to leverage our collective expertise to address challenges facing the sports sector.

According to the governor, critical areas such as infrastructure development, athlete welfare,funding mechanism, coaching standards and grassroots sports programmes require the utmost attention and concerted effort of the Council meeting.

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